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Roman Temple

Roman temple I have been working on for a while. A lot of time has gone into this for it to look as authentic to the real thing as possible. I referenced the Maison Carrée in France for this, making it look a bit newer and present looking rather than being left to stand the test of time. I gave it a bit of wear and tear so it didn’t look completely brand new, but new enough for it to look like it was in its time.

The most challenging part of the project was the Corinthian Pillars, as they were extremely detailed, and each reference had a variant that differed from the rest. For example, the pillars in Syria are very different from those located within Rome, while sharing the basic characteristics, (acanthus leaves, for example) the Volutes, Buds, and trim decoration differed completely (not to mention the stone these where made of where different in each region of the Roman Empire).

I used Epic Games Kite Demo for the foliage and terrain.

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Jamie jamieson wireframe render 1
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